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for the link to the paused "Blending with Dinosaurs" project pages.
I had to pause the project when I got selected to be part of the Peach team for the realization of the
Big Buck Bunny short open movie in Amsterdam, and later I had no more time to spend for it, sadly.
May be one day.

"New Penguoen 2.38" "New Penguoen 2.38" (2005)
Brief making of the short animation winner of the 2005 Blender's Suzanne Awards for "Best animation, original idea and story".
This tutorial relates to Blender 2.38; a lot of things changed since then in the software, btw the approach and most of the techniques I used are still valid, even with Cycles (actually, I'm slowly updating it to the Cycles rendering engine, and it works greatly so far).