The incipit
The incipit
The asteroids are approaching the Jurassic Earth... nearly one hundred millions years before the mass extintion of
the Late Cretaceous. I love space scenes, so I couldn't avoid to put one in the movie.
Three main issues for this sequence:
- the aliencoke can
- the asteroids
- the planet Earth in the Jurassic era.
The aliencoke can
The aliencoke can
The aliencoke can. No much to say, here; the model has been modeled and textured straight in Blender.
The "testimonial" is my character "Grokky Alien".
The asteroids
The asteroids have been made by the script Blender World Forge 0.0.6 by Stefano Selleri (below, a screenshot), and then refined by the Blender's displacement mapping.
Blender World Forge script
The model has been uvmapped for the color, specular and the diffuse channels.
The uvmapped model
Then a "noisy" map for the displacement has been added. This is the final result. Because the asteroids share the same material but have different sizes, the displacement works with different effects for each one.
A lamp with a light blue color fakes the Earth radiosity effect.
The final asteroids
In the image below, the asteroid start to enter the Earth's atmosphere. In this shot the asteroid mesh has been duplicated and used as emitter for particles.
The asteroid start to enter the Earth's atmosphere
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