The dinosaurs
Dinosaurs in progress: Allosaurus, Iguanodon, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Archaeopteryx
Other animals: Pterosaurs
The Allosaurus fragilis model built in Wings3d.
Assigning materials in Wings3d.
The assigment is made on the ground of a cube, as shown in this tutorial.
As the model got finished, I saved it as VRML 2.0 and then opened it in Blender (version 2.23 works perfectly for this).
This way, each different material of the mesh came in Blender as a separate object. I assigned different Blender materials at each different part-object and then joined them, to have my model in Blender as a single mesh but with all its different materials.

Blender can handle only 16 different materials for a single mesh. Because the materials in Wings were many much more (at least 22), I had to optimize them in Blender, joining some in a single material (for example, "teeth" and "claws" or "tongue" with "innermouth") to have no more than 16.

Since the beginning I planned to texture the model in uvmapping, and several tries have been made to find the perfect solution. In the end, I opted for the "OrCo" technique, and for a simple reason: with OrCo I can still edit the mesh without the need to reapply the uv texture coordinates. To avoid the stretching I used the "rvk texture" technique.
The model imported in Blender
The model with the rvk key for texturing. As you can see the general shape and position is much more squared, to fit the shape of an ideal cube.
The model with the rvk key for texturing
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