A homage to the BBC tv serie "Walking with Dinosaurs" mainly made with Blender 3d (but some other opensource/freeware application too).
Blending with Dinosaurs
Walk cycle test
Allosaurus turntable
NLA test
Environment test
Click on the above images to watch the test animations
This is a full project I'm currently working on; the aim is to demonstrate the possibilities of this wonderful piece of software that is Blender. It will be a 3-5 minutes short, including cg dinosaurs in their environment, plus a shot in space (Jurassic Earth orbit) as incipit, all with sound effects and music.
Mm... maybe it will be ready for the next Siggraph...


Start of production: July 20, 2003
End of production:--------------------

Hardware used:
Pentium III 880 Mhz - 384 Mb Ram

Graphic softwares:
Blender, Wings3d, The Gimp; maybe a little Pov-Ray.

Audio softwares:
Audacity, VST Processor (and a lot of free vst plugins), Simsynth, SawCutter.

Editing softwares:
Blender, VirtualDub, DDClip Free.

Original music score composed and performed by
Fabio Valenza

Python scripts to be used within Blender:
Blender World Forge by Stefano Selleri
L-System (neo-lstseed228) by Armagan Yavuz and modified by Jean-Michel Soler

800x600 resized to PAL 720x576

Estimated Overall Rendering Time:
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