New Penguoen 2.38 "New Penguoen 2.38"
Mpeg - Sound
Size = 4.850 kb.
Spoof of the wonderful dancing transformer Citroen C4 spot made by Embassy Vfx. Winner of the 2005 Blender's Suzanne Awards for Best animation, original idea and story. Music and sound made with Audacity.
Environment test "Environment test"
Mpeg - No sound
Size = 2.929 kb.
Environment test for the "Blending with Dinosaurs" project. Matte paintings mapped onto 3d geometry.
Alien Landscapes "Alien Landscapes"
Mpeg - Sound
Size = 3.767 kb.
This is just about aliens.
Nothing scientific here: just an exercise in fantasy and cg, and just the first time I tried to produce and apply sound effects to an animation.
Grokky alien turntable "Grokky alien turntable"
Mpeg - No sound
Size = 672 kb.
Grokky Alien turntable. Test for the project "ALIENSS!".
Spacemonster walkcycle "Spacemonster walkcycle"
Mpeg - No sound
Size = 1.160 kb.
Spacemonster walkcycle, character for the project "ALIENSS!".
The Space Beagle "The Space Beagle"
Mpeg - No sound
Size = 4.603 kb.
This has been my first "complex" animation. Every element has been rendered as a separated pass and then composited in the Blender's sequencer. Besides the textures, made in Gimp, it has been totally made in Blender version 2.23 (quite old, isnt'it?).